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International  +44  161  796  6511
Layers 1-20
Base materials XPC FR1 FR2 CEM1 CEM3, FR4, High Tg FR4  IMS
Base copper thickness 1oz. to 4oz.
Board thickness 0.4mm - 3.2mm
Maximum panel size 406mm x 610mm
Minimum hole diameter 0.3mm
PTH hole tolerance 0.05mm
Aspect ratio 6:1
Blind or buried via Yes
Minimum line width 0.1mm
Minimum line spacing 0.1mm
Minimum bonding pitch 0.127mm
Minimum SMT pitch 0.40mm (centre to centre)
Mechanical fabrication :  
       Minimum hole registration tolerance (NPTH) ± 0.076mm
       Minimum hole registration tolerance (PTH) ± 0.076mm
       Minimum pattern registration tolerance ± 0.076mm
       Minimum S/M registration tolerance (LPI) ± 0.076mm
       Minimum annular ring ± 0.1mm (artwork)
       Minimum S/M bridge (LPI) 0.1mm
       Plated gold thickness 0.01μm - 0.025μm
       Immersion gold thickness 0.025μm - 0.2μm
       Twist and warp Less than 1%
Electrical testing :  
       Voltage 24V - 300V
       Continuity 5Ω - 100Ω
These capabilities and standard specifications are for cost effective board manufacture.
Tighter tolerances and alternative board specifications are available. To discuss, please contact us.